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Rich Abstract Painter, Digital Artist located in Tampa Florida

Artist Statement

The surface is there for you to create, to bring to life what was once only a thought. Painting gives you the opportunity to tell your story. The end result is a reflection of oneself.

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This current portfolio covers the time from spring 2001 to the current. Most of the paintings are oil on canvas and a few are acrylic on wood pallets. I made the tranisition to oil in the fall of 2005. I enjoy working with oils and the bright colors they produce. I tend to hop from one style to another I like to keep my ideas fresh and ever changing.
Painting is the creative process of putting vision and emotion on canvas. That first brush stroke on a blank canvas, the first layer of paint, this is what sets the tone and attitude of the painting. The abstract is truly where I feel comfortable and feel like I am painting unconscious from the within. Growing up in Indianapolis and having access to a great gallery (Indianapolis Museum of Fine Art) I was influenced by the post-modern masters. Art for me is the highest form of expression.
Originals and Giclee Prints are available for sale. For information on purchasing an original or giclee print click here to browse the selected pieces that are available.
Original Abstract Paintings by RLF
abstract oil painting on canvas oil on canvas abstract abstract oil painting on canvas modern abstract oil painting Freedom oil painting for America
the divide oil painting the red sea oil on canvas Happiness in Blue on canvas Blue Halo oil painting
5 circles oil painting square root oil painting Urban oil painting stop city ghetto go painting oil painting
a death in the family oil painting on canvas freedom oil painting a method of nine oil painting Tokyo oil painting
city life might we gather painting partial division painting 6 degress of buffalo abstract paintign conception of a study
making of a pope acrylic painting on wood pallet tilted - where is she now yellow field, acrylic on wood panel, abstract modern signals acyrlic on wood removed but not separated
fish painting by rlf      


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