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RLF Rich Abstract Painter, Digital Artist located in Tampa Florida

Digital Art

Summer Koi was created on the computer with Corel Painter and a Wacom Tablet. Technology is allowing me to create the artistic visions. I have always been drawn to KOI, they are beautiful and elegant. The Koi's multiple colors make a great color pallette.

Digital Pieces



Digital Illustration by RLF
Digital Art provides an alternate method of expressing the images in my mind. I have discovered by using a WACOM tablet I have no boundaries, no limits and there is an endless supply of subject matter. I like to combine the abstract with intense color for expressing emotion. Art is an emotional statement. I would like to further this technique into a full abstract digital expressionism style
Summer Koi - 2008
Pigment on Fine Art Paper, summer koi motif
Pigment on Fine Art paper
15in x 15in
Limited Edition Prints are available - Contact for more information
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